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I am Maxwell

Maxed Out Solar is my fully remote solar sales and leasing consultancy. I provide virtual rooftop solar panel consulting services across the United States. In addition to direct sales consulting over Zoom, I am passionate about using the natural energy of the Climate Movement as an economic engine of community wealth building.I specialize in connecting the dots, helping people in various industries develop solar referral income generation strategies without complicating your existing business.Partnering with me is a great way to take advantage of the shift to clean energy and help people in your community become financially free and energy independent.

🚧 Get more money, less problems. 🚧

If you want to build community wealth, solar energy is how we can do that.💡🧠Let’s start with referral income generation: 👇I help sales teams bring in more money using the clean energy revolution.

  • Roofers

  • Mortgage loan officers

  • Life insurance agents

  • Realtors

  • Tax professionals

  • Financial advisors

  • Retirement planners

  • Attorneys

  • EV Dealers

  • Home based service businesses

I turn roofs into paychecks.

I think, therefore I am.Rene Descartes

my life

My rules.

Obedecer y No Mandar
(To Obey, Not Command)
Proponer y No Imponer
(To Propose, Not Impose)
Representar y No Suplantar
(To Represent, Not Supplant)
Convencer y No Vencer
(To Convince, Not Conquer)
Construir y No Destruir
(To Construct, Not Destroy)
Servir y No Servirse
(To Serve Others, Not Serve Oneself)
Bajar y No Subir
(To Work From Below, Not Seek To Rise)
7 Key Organizing Principles of The 1994 Zapatista Revolution in Chiapas, Mexico

I don't give a shit what the world thinks. I was born a bitch, I was born a painter, I was born fucked. But I was happy in my way. You did not understand what I am. I am love. I am pleasure, I am essence, I am an idiot, I am an alcoholic, I am tenacious. I am; simply I am ... You are a shit.
Frida Kahlo

Early Career: Finding My "Why"

Born with 60% and 40% bilateral hearing loss, I came out the other side of struggle more empathetic to the challenges other people face, more resilient, and more determined than ever to fight like hell for climate justice. My working class background in retail sales combined with construction, waste management, and now climate comms and solar consulting, has given me a high level theoretical and abstract understanding of "how it all fits together."

Community Building: Boots on the ground

Having helped organize and organically grow historic social movements such as Occupy Wall St, Black Lives Matter, and the Women's March, I've wasted no time in getting started. I held down several grassroots community organizing jobs for an immigrants rights organization and an environmental advocacy group. I built the soft skills, connections, and organizational leadership skills necessary to begin to transform the world around me. I thrive in human networking and relationship building, and identifying and creating opportunities for mutual benefit.

Covid-19 til Now

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, I had been driving for rideshare and food delivery companies. Due to the low pay offered and the serious risks to my health, I re-evaluated much of my professional life and began to take hard skill development as seriously as I took soft skill development, personal growth, and cultural competency. I launched my digital solar consultancy in 2020, and began freelancing and contracting while working remotely. Pursuing and obtaining multiple certifications from world renowned digital marketing training icon CXL, I am well positioned to make my mark on the world. As opposed to the world making it's mark on me.

Most men are within a finger's breadth of madness.
Diogenes of Sinope

On the left is my Dad, one of the best men to ever walk this planet. I'm on the right, enjoying wine way too much.

Maxwell Neely

Solar powered solidarity.

Community Organizer
Fundraising Consultant
Product Marketer
Digital Strategist

Basically, here's the pitch. Hire me if you're not "f the world" evil, and you want to do good things together. Ask me for my resume, and you've got it. I am highly qualified, motivated, and eager to start.You have enough money to hire me, and you want to make more by working together.Yet you also have class consciousness, humility, and deeply sacred principles of universal justice. If that's you, count me in.I will set aside individual personality conflicts and disagreements for the greater good of the cause. I am a revolutionary minded strategic thinker and skilled writer, fully committed to identifying opportunities for mutually beneficial outcomes.

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I'm very passionate about solar income generation, research and writing, and helping others succeed.

My Work

I dig deep to understand people.

Building a boat isn’t about weaving canvas, forging nails, or reading the sky. It’s about giving a shared taste for the sea, by the light of which you will see nothing contradictory but rather a community of love.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Work For Solar

Work For Solar is a lead funnel I designed for my solar sales team's inbound recruitment, team building, and talent development pipeline.Beginning by conducting rigorous market research, I designed a landing page and URL that subtly communicates feelings of authority, competence, and liberation.The landing page is designed to recruit people with previous high ticket sales experience, upgrading their careers to work for fully remote solar sales jobs.

Maxed Out Solar

Maxed Out Solar was launched in 2020. Since then, I've conducted extensive market research, and built a strong personal brand, preventing millions of lbs of carbon from being released. As a virtual closing solar sales consultant, I have helped dozens of smart, climate conscious homeowners save 5-6 figures. In fact, the most money I've ever saved a solar client was $264,000.In Dec 2022, over 28 days, Maxed Out Solar saw key performance indicators on Twitter improve across 4 measurements, and maintained an engagement rate of 4.6%. According to Adobe, 0.5% can be considered a good engagement rate, and anything above 1% can be considered great. @MaxedOutSolar said more with less, with total tweets down 25%. Despite tweeting less, total tweet impressions grew by 295%. Visits to the Twitter profile grew by 37%. Overall Mentions grew by 89%. And I grew Total Follower Count by 353 people.

Mia Mason For Maryland

Starting in the summer of 2023, I began as a staff subject matter expert providing highly customized consulting services to Mia Mason For Maryland in advance of the 2024 election season.I provided personal brand consulting, site copy, SEO, and conversion rate optimization services. My services also included business relationship development, vendor selection, vetting, and procurement for live events. I wrote social media posts, directly impacted and shaped policy decisions, and created one pagers.I tailored my services around strategic high level message development regarding the intersection of economic, environmental, and energy policy. Additionally, I conceptualized and crafted messaging on both civil rights and climate issues. The result: successfully increasing website traffic and improving campaign reach in new areas.

Repeater Digital

From 2022 to 2023, I provided consulting services to Repeater Digital's creative team to design highly emotionally compelling, relationship oriented brands. I played a key stakeholder role in conceptualizing and creating the brand identity, communicating Repeater's unique value proposition, and shaping it's overall marketing strategy.For me, one of the most interesting parts about this project was writing tweets for Anarchist Agency and helping to shape the next generation of grassroots climate activists. Due to my market research and creating powerful messaging aimed at the future decision makers of tomorrow, the Repeater team is now well on their way to success.In summer of 2023, I successfully negotiated an exit on favorable terms. I wished the other founders on the team well and continued to trailblaze my own path forward.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.George Bernard Shaw

Copywriter Portfolio

In previous armies, soldiers used their time to clean their weapons and stock up on ammunition. Our weapons are words, and we may need our arsenal at any moment.Subcomandante Marcos

Case Study: Wildland Coffee Co

Met on Zoom with the Founder of Wildland Coffee, nailed down messaging, tone, and important keywords in blog copy. Topical and keyword research combined with effective, highly targeted questions during the discovery session ensured Wildland Coffee 2’xd their monthly sales. Wildland Coffee Co achieved increased brand recognition and eventually landed a brand partnership with Airstream.

Make Camping Coffee Easy With Wildland Coffee Co

I’ve got one suggestion to get you started. Are you looking for a convenient way to brew up some coffee on your next camping trip easily? Say goodbye to instant coffee forever.Wildland Coffee is the clear winner for camping coffee in terms of ease, efficiency, minimal environmental impact, and pack weight. Just make sure you practice “leave no trace camping” when you brew up some Wildland in the “tea bags” they come in.The best part of all? They have a demonstrated commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing, teaming up with local farmers in the Cerrado region of Brazil to acquire their beans. Wildland Coffee disrupts the camping scene by making brewing more effortless than ever and eliminating our reliance on mass-produced, expensive hardware with lots of parts that could break down over time.Eventually, it ends up in a junkyard, or worse, a pawn shop. Instead, snag a variety pack of 15 coffee “tea bags” for only 30 bucks. No electricity needed. Keep it simple, affordable, and lower your pack weight. Wildland Coffee offers high-quality, convenient camp coffee that stays fresh for up to 12 months.

Take A French Press To Make Coffee On Your Next Camping Trip

Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Do you love coffee? Or as the French say, “aimez-vous le café?" Choose the “French Press Method” for your next camping trip, despite the extra bulkiness and added weight.You’re not a snob when it comes to coffee. You just need the best of the best. If that means a little more fiddling around and heavier pack weight, so be it.You deserve it, and you have no shame. You treat yourself using the French Press method because you just have to outshine your college friends, brewing up the tastiest coffee. So who cares if Hipster Coffee Sock Guy and Instagram Suburbia Cowgirl make fun of you for it?You’ve been bringing high-class coffee on all the camping trips before it was cool, and you’ve got the evidence well documented on the ‘Gram back to 2012 to prove it.

People Make Coffee In A Sock When They Go Camping?

Bruh. Are we making coffee inside a sock? Do people do this? Are you kidding me? We’re going back to Wildland. That’s enough internet for the day.No, seriously, in any case. The Coffee Sock Method is one of the time-tested methods of brewing coffee. Just make sure you wash your socks regularly, or maybe even just use a specific Coffee Sock made for this exact purpose.This method is for the hardcore camping coffee nerds only, so you’ll be right at home, don’t worry. You can throw it in your knapsack the next time you're headed out west to do some gold prospecting.The Coffee Sock Method is weird, but it’s got a sizable cult following and deserves a shout-out here. And besides, with the advances in modern camping equipment, people don’t use their actual socks anymore. Like the ones on their feet? Do they?Next: Repeater Digital

Case Study: Repeater Digital

Conceptualized and created Repeater Digital’s mission and vision statements. The copy was designed to appeal to progressive, imaginative, and collaborative people. The writing goals were to position this brand as opinionated, bold, and brave…in other words, not afraid to stand out by being different.

Communicating the movement focus of Repeater Digital in every sense of the word was also important for this project. From grassroots social movements in the streets to social media movements in the digital realm, or users navigating a website, movement is central to Repeater Digital’s objectives.


We are movement architects who create visual and organizational designs that challenge narratives and shape public opinion.


We are a worker owned, self-managed communications consulting firm that specializes in strategic digital and visual communication.Repeater Digital strives to isolate the signal from the noise. We use the power of storytelling to transmit and amplify the voices of our partners across the shared global digital community.Together, we will shift company culture and create a strong future for your brand.Next: Mia Mason for Maryland

Case Study: Mia Mason for Maryland

Designed website copy and messaging to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to protect the environment. By eliciting strong feelings of interconnectedness, a shared sense of home, and the idea that “we’re all in this together”, voters will feel aligned with Mia Mason’s values as a veteran turned public servant.Further, they will trust her to look out for not just the land, but also the local Maryland economy as well. Project goals were to unite voters in rural Western Maryland with more urban Central Maryland, through embracing common causes.


A Sustainable Future: Investing in our infrastructure means investing in our communities. We must transition to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. Not only would doing this be better for the planet, it will also create jobs that provide a living-wage and jumpstart Maryland's economy. We can count on Maryland's talented labor force to complete these projects and strengthen our middle class. Transitioning to a more sustainable future will benefit our families and protect our planet.Protect the Bay Always: The Chesapeake Bay is a local Maryland treasure. Preserving its natural beauty and wildlife is vital for our economy and way of life. We must protect our waters and the environment from further pollution and work to restore the bay to its natural wonder. Mia supports the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in their efforts to preserve and save the Bay. This includes ensuring the Environmental Protection Agency can defend the Chesapeake Bay watershed from industrial pollution.Climate Justice: The effects of climate change are felt harder and sooner in communities of color. These communities often bear the brunt of unsustainable industrial practices. The transition to a sustainable way of life must not leave any communities behind to suffer. She is committed to building racially diverse climate coalitions, including Maryland’s First Nations and indigenous communities. Mia has answered the call to end environmental racism, protecting our waterways, soil health, and air quality in Maryland.100% Clean Vehicles: Mia will set high standards for lower vehicle emissions and boost consumer demand for zero-emission vehicles. To make the switch to electric vehicles more affordable, Mia supports creating a program to replace old cars with fuel-efficient cars and tax credits for consumers who buy sustainable vehicles and invest in charging infrastructure. We will join other states to ensure we stop producing fuel vehicles by 2035. Decarbonizing charging stations will create clean energy jobs across Maryland.Next: Maryland Sierra Club

Case Study: Maryland Sierra Club

Designed and authored Mission Statement for the Maryland Sierra Club Energy Justice committee.Copy edited site copy for the Maryland Sierra Club’s “Ready For 100: Community Solar” page. The purpose of this copy edit was to refresh and improve the copy. The writing strategy was designed to immediately educate and inform someone who has never heard of community solar before. Increased public awareness, trust, and mass adoption of community solar technology were the goals of this project.This copy edit was designed to elicit feelings of inclusion, positive vibes, and hope for a better future backed by concrete policies and actions. The result is exciting and easy to read copy that inspires off page action that benefits Maryland Sierra Club. Transparency Note: Not all copy in this case study is my original creation. This copy edit portfolio example may include the work of other writers who also contributed to this project.


The mission of the Maryland Sierra Club Energy Justice committee is to work to ensure renewable energy is accessible to many people, quickly, and for as little money as possible.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is designed to make “signing up for solar” and taking a first step in getting Ready for 100 easier than ever! The Community Solar concept is community-owned and managed solar fields. Community members purchase shares or subscribe to purchase energy from local solar panel arrays which in turn provides public health, environmental, and financial benefits back to the community. The members of the community that have a share in that solar field will then get credit towards their energy bill because of their subscription or partial ownership.

How Does it Actually Work?

Marylanders have the choice to either buy solar power from a community solar farm through direct share ownership, or can sign up for a free cost-savings enrollment through a subscription model.The regulations for the three year community solar pilot program in Maryland went into effect on July 18th, 2016 and was extended in May of 2019. Sierra Club Maryland Chapter is proud to support this initiative! Maryland's Community Solar Pilot Project does the following:

  • Incentivizes solar companies to provide service to low- and moderate-income customers.

  • Allows renters to contract for solar energy.

  • Includes significant consumer protections, including prohibition against unreasonable fees and clear contract disclosure requirements.

How Does it Actually Work?

The goals that Maryland's Community Solar Pilot Program is setting out to accomplish will help guide Maryland away from fossil fuels as the main source of energy. By giving low to moderate income families and rural, suburban and urban communities the tools to shift their energy dependence while saving them money, it will make the #ReadyFor100 clean energy shift much more intuitive, cost efficient, and feasible.In the coming months our state will see a continuous change in energy usage. The big energy providers will be able to shift their energy usage towards solar power with the acquisition of energy from community solar fields.
In short, it means clean, renewable energy is now accessible to just about anyone. The benefits associated with community solar are cleaner air and water, higher land values, lower cost electricity, and a more environmentally sustainable, biodiverse Maryland outdoors for all of us to S.H.A.R.E.
Solar Helps Advance Resident Equality = SHARE!

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